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Up-Cycle Tee Shirts

A Crafty Way to Celebrate Spring and Our Planet 

As we all know, every day should be Earth Day! Find ways to talk about the importance of protecting our planet throughout the year. Here's a fun way to up-cycle tee shirts into reusable bags that can be used to carry groceries, books, or snacks and supplies for a trip to the park or beach. There are lots of how-to guides for this online, but here are the basics: (1) cut off the sleeves and around the neck of an old or favorite tee shirt; (2) cut fringes (1-2 in.) in the bottom of the shirt; (3) tie (double knot) each fringe from the front of the shirt to its counterpart in the back; (4) if you don't want the fringes to show, turn it inside out, or leave the fringes hanging. It's a fun, quick, and easy way spruce up your tote collection while starting a conversation and encouraging your new tote-admirers to do the same!

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